Cult Cru's Sustainable Approach to Wine Production

Cult Cru is dedicated to paving the way towards a more sustainable future by introducing customers to exceptional quality wines from single regions while minimizing our environmental impact. We understand the importance of continuous improvement and are committed to working closely with all stakeholders to achieve our sustainability goals.

Our Cult Cru Sustainability Framework is structured around three key pillars: Environmental Impact, Social Impact, and Governance Practices (ESG). By establishing a baseline through data-led approaches and collaborating with How Sustainability to track qualitative and quantitative data, we aim to implement a turn-key ESG quality system.

Setting ambitious ESG goals, including full cradle-to-grave assessments and offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions where necessary, is a priority for us. Our goals extend beyond environmental impact to encompass areas such as Modern Slavery and Transparent Reporting, reflecting our holistic approach to sustainability.

Monitoring and updating our practices and goals regularly is essential to ensure continuous improvement. By striving towards achieving third-party verifications like B Corp and Climate Active, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices.

In terms of packaging, we have carefully selected products that offer better environmental performance compared to traditional 750mL bottles. Our packaging materials, including Kraft Cardboard boxes sourced from VISY (made from 72% recycled materials) and LDPE 4/mPET bags, are chosen for their recyclability and safety standards compliance.

Recognizing the challenges in LDPE recycling in Australia, we are actively working on establishing a bag return/collection process in partnership with Sustainable Infrastructure Systems. This innovative method aims to recycle LDPE bags and produce materials for infrastructure projects with superior environmental performance.

The HDPE spouts used in our packaging are recyclable through curbside recycling, further contributing to our sustainability efforts. By prioritizing sustainable materials and practices throughout our production process, Cult Cru is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and setting a new standard for sustainable wine production.