Cheese Nirvana: Match Made in Heaven with Cult Cru Wine Casks

Cheese Nirvana: Match Made in Heaven with Cult Cru Wine Casks

Get ready to embark on a delicious adventure as we explore the perfect cheese pairings for Cult Cru's exciting cask wines, celebrated at the upcoming Mould Cheese Festival x Cult Cru event!

Bold & Beautiful:

  • McLaren Vale Shiraz: This robust red boasts rich flavours of dark berries, spice, and a touch of mocha. It craves a strong partner! Aged cheddar or creamy blue cheese stands up to its intensity, with the cheese's sharpness balancing the wine's fruitiness for a delightful harmony.
Our Favourite Pairing: Milawa Cheese Co. Blue


Velvety Cabernet:

  • McLaren Vale Cabernet: With its smooth texture and hints of blackcurrant, mint, and cedar, this Cabernet craves a cheese with depth. Aged Gouda or Manchego are perfect matches. Their nutty and caramelised notes complement the wine's complexity, while the tannins cleanse your palate for the next delicious bite.
Our Favourite Pairing: Barossa Valley Cheese Co La Dame:


 Delicate Delights:

  • Limestone Coast Pinot Gris: Light and aromatic, this Pinot Gris offers refreshing pear, citrus, and floral notes. It needs a gentle companion! Soft, creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert provide the perfect complement. Their creamy texture echoes the wine's mouthfeel, while their mild flavours allow the wine's delicate nuances to shine.

Our Favorite Pairing: Section 28 Monte Rosso

Zesty & Refreshing:

  • Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc: This vibrant white explodes with lively citrus, tropical fruits, and a crisp acidity. Tangy goat cheese or fresh chevre are ideal partners. The cheese's acidity mirrors the wine's, enhancing its citrus notes, while the creamy texture provides a delightful contrast.

Our Favourite Pairing: Yarra Valley Dairy Goat Curd


Perfectly Balanced:

  • McLaren Vale Grenache: Elegant and medium-bodied, this Grenache showcases ripe red fruits, subtle spices, and a silky texture. A semi-soft cheese like Havarti or Fontina creates a perfect match. The cheese's mild sweetness and buttery texture complement the wine's fruitiness, resulting in a well-rounded and indulgent pairing.

Our Favourite Pairing: Hunter Valley Cheese Shop Fontina 



Light & Refreshing:

  • McLaren Vale Grenache Rosé: This vibrant rosé offers bright notes of strawberries, raspberries, and a crisp, dry finish. Creamy goat cheese or tangy feta are perfect complements. The cheese's creamy texture and tangy flavours contrast beautifully with the wine's fruity sweetness, creating a dynamic and refreshing duo.

Our Favourite Pairing: Nimbin Valley Feta 

Unforgettable Pairings:

Unleash the art of wine and cheese pairing with Cult Cru's cask selections and elevate your tasting experience to new heights! Join us at the Mould Cheese Festival in Brisbane, May 24th - 26th, 2024, and discover cheese nirvana!

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